About Fitgadget

It’s time to learn more about us

Our experience

The best gym starts with the perfect space and environment. After 25 years developing gyms we realize that equipment trends will come and go but the same idea prevails. If you want a space that is engaging do not clutter it with useless equipment. We make our choices for your space based on the feedback you provide. Every space is different. From the ultimate home gym where you are attempting to bring the health club home to apartments to senior facilities, we recognize your equipment needs. We have developed hundreds of home gyms and apartment gyms in the Los Angeles area.

Who we are

We are a group of professionals that have spent decades providing high quality products and services to our customers. In the ever-changing fitness industry we keep up with the science and the trends that influence your equipment selections. We have teamed up with Pronto Installation, the number one delivery and installation team in Los Angeles, to bring you the best and most professional experience.

How we started our journey

In 1996, after finishing his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Exercise Science, Charles Blount took a position selling high quality gym equipment. He also trained Personal Training clients. This led to a unique experience for the gym equipment customer as an experienced and educated person was recommending their equipment. Not just selling them anything. Customers and clients appreciated that approach and he thrived in the industry, later inventing the portable Pilates system Pilatesstick (www.pilatesstick.com), which has been widely used globally for more than 10 years.

We dream a big dream

The team here at Fitgadget understands that the fitness industry and science will continue to change. We are dedicated to not only being a part of that continued development but also a pioneer.  We look forward to innovating around the challenges and educating our customers as well as facilitating their needs in this developing science and industry.